Flower in Bloom - Project

About the Project?

The "Flowers in Bloom" project was something I wanted to achieve to capture the British seasons of what flowers would be in bloom throughout the year.  All images would be portraits captured within the location of where the seasonal flowers were in bloom. 

I set out firstly by researching what flowers would be in bloom at what time of the year, which was not as easy as i thoughts. Once I had completed the research and understood my timings I then set about organising my shoots accordingly. 

The project was also split into sections or colours such as Purple for Lavender, Blue for Blue bells, yellow for Daffodils. 

The project produced some amazing images and I have so far met some great people. 

As I did not get all the flowers in bloom that I had planned, I can see this project being an ongoing one until I get least get most of the flowers in bloom around the British Isles.

Watch this space for more images! 

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