Fashion in the Woods - Project

About the Project?

This project is one of my most successful and being honest not really planned.  

The "Fashion in the woods" project , essentially the project was the model would bring the fashion and then I would capture the images in a woodland location. 

The project is a spin off from my "Fantasy" project. The idea happened after the weather bring so good over the 2018 summer that it was great to shoot outdoors.

The idea came about from a planned where the model and I chose a woodland location, as we both liked the idea. The model brought her outfits as normal, but was more fashion than fantasy.  We had a great shoot, of which I then posted the images on Instagram .

Upon posting the images, I then started to get requests flooding for similar shoots.  

As a result of all the requests, then spawned the "Fashion in the Woods" project. I must say I have had great fun creating images for this project and will continue to add images. 

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