1. Gel Photoshoot - Beth

    04 Feb 2019
    Let me introduce you to Beth. This was Beth and I’s second shoot and I decided to introduce some gels to bring some colour into the images. Also this was the first time I have completed a shoot in my home studio. Really please with these images and look forward…

  2. Car Photoshoot - Shell

    12 Jan 2019
    This Car photoshoot theme with an urban twist, is going to be part of a book Project that Shell and I are completing over the next 12 months. We had both wanted to do a car photoshoot so we were both glad we got to achieve our goals. Once we…

  3. Fashion Photoshoot - Kayleigh

    11 Aug 2018
    Fashion Photoshoot with the gorgeous Kayleigh. This photoshoot is part of my “Fashion in the Woods” project. Another hot day and Kayleigh rocked the fashion. Really fun photoshoot within the woodlands of the Lickey Hills in Birmingham UK. The Lickey Hills is such a stunning location and with the weather…

  4. Waterfall Photoshoot - Abi

    26 Jul 2018
    This waterfall photoshoot was a defining moment in my photography. This was such an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it. Abigail and I walked 8 miles, through 26 degrees heat and visited 4 waterfalls. It was at the height of the UK heatwave and was so humid…

  5. Lavender Photoshoot - Tetiana

    07 Jul 2018
    An amazing photoshoot, this photoshoot is part of my “Flowers in Bloom” project. The photoshoot is with the beautiful Tetiana, who was amazing on the day. The location was in the stunning setting of the Cotswolds Lavender fields. Another shoot where the temperatures were 28-30 degrees from the British heatwave…

  6. Graffiti Photoshoot - Laura

    07 Apr 2018
    One of my first successful photoshoots completed this month, after most photoshoots had been postponed due to the bad weather. These images were captured with the beautiful Laura with an urban theme and a great graffiti backdrop. Really great photoshoot and loved the outfits Laura had that really completed the…

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